12 Volt Air Compressor Handy On Camping Trips

A 12 Volt Air Compressor Is Also An Emergency Tool!

It was terrible a 12 volt air compressor was exactly what I needed, a friend related about a recent camping experience with his young children. He had packed more gear than they needed for an overnight camping trip, but the one thing he did not pack was a portable compressor. About the time I finished blowing up the third air mattress, I would have given nearly anything for a 12 volt air compressor.
A 12 volt air compressor is a must-have accessory for almost any vehicle, but is especially useful for off-road vehicles and campers. These portable air supplies have a number of uses, not the least of which is an emergency air supply for flat tires with slow leaks and refilling tires for vehicles used off-road.

12-volt-portable-air-compressor-aIt is often necessary to drop the air pressure in vehicle tires when running off-road. Lower air pressure, even down to 10 – 15 psi, gives much better flotation on sand and loose soil. A 12-volt cordless air compressor is an easy way to bring tire pressures back up to required levels for highway speeds. A cordless air compressor is also handy for inflating bicycle tires, basketballs, footballs and soccer balls. They are also useful for powering airbrushes and other air powered crafts tools.

Different models of air compressors with 12 volt

Low volt air compressors come in a number of makes and models. Some of these are cordless compressors with either replaceable batteries or rechargeable internal batteries. Plugging them into vehicle cigarette lighters or special A-C/D-C converters can recharge the rechargeable variety. Other models of 12 volt air compressors require that they be plugged into cigarette lighters or connected to 12 volt vehicle batteries during operation. Either model can be lifesaver during camping trips, for re-inflating SUV tires or for pumping up low tires until you can get to a tire repair facility.
Portable, 12 volt air compressors come in all price ranges. Cordless models generating 220 psi are available for as little as $25 with more powerful and more durable models that will give years of service and generating 320 psi for $200 - $300. Some of these models, especially the more expensive are designed to hard mount on campers, recreational vehicles and SUVs. Others are portable and can be recharged or powered by plugging them into either 120V AC outlets or connecting them to 12 volt DC batteries or plugging them into cigarette lighters.
“I learned my lesson,” my friend concluded. “I will certainly have one along on all future camping trips. I have a 12 volt air compressor as standard equipment in each of my vehicles. ”

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