Cordless Drill Batteries

alt text In our cordless drill review series let's have a look at the cordless drill batteries, one of the most important single components of a battery drill. When it comes to decide which is the right cordless drill for your needs, the main question starts on deciding " How many Volts a Cordless Drill Battery should have? "

Cordless Drill Battery Charger

alt text The cordless drill battery charger is one of the most overlooked parts when you review a any new drill. Unfortunately since the charger is the actual power source behind every cordless power tool, and yet only seen as an accessory, it is good to examine what makes up a good battery charger before you buy your next cordless drill.

Jigsaw Blades Review

alt text The jigsaw blade market is overwhelming. This jigsaw blade review will show you how to find the right jigsaw blade for your application. Similar to our power tool review on jigsaws, we will have a look at what kind of jigsaw blades are available to todays professional woodworker. Not just for cutting wood but also different types of material which you come across your work.

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Circular Saw Blades and Accessories

alt text The best circular saw will only cut as good as its blade. This makes the circular saw blade the single most important part of any circular saw. In this section of our circular saw review, we will have a look at circular saw blades and important accessories you might want to review before you decide on which saw blade to buy.

Circular Saw Guide

alt text If you're looking for the best circular saw for your workshop, you should closely examine guide rail systems, rip fence, available tables or laser guide systems. Knowing which type of guides are available for a certain circular saw ...

Makita Batteries For Cordless Power Tools

alt text Out of the huge variety of Makita Batteries its not that easy to choose the right one. Basically there are two types of batteries currently on the market. Stick- type and Knob-type Batteries. As a rule of thumb the stick type Makita batteries where used for the older models, whilst the knob type battery is used for the later models with mid handle.

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Porter Cable Saw Blades

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Quiet And Faster Cut With More Work Life

Porter Cable brings contractors the most advanced saw blade technology available with the launch of the new line of Razor Variable Tooth Carbide circular saw blades. These new Porter Cable saw blades …

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