Wooden Tool Chest Can Become Beautiful Furniture

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Wooden tool chests from 50 to 100 years ago are valuable collector's items.

Truck Tool Box Has Many Benefits

The Plastic Truck Tool Box Is Replacing Steel

The truck tool box has become almost indispensable for many pick up truck owners. These handy tool storage units protect tools from the elements as well as keeping them safe from theft. …

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Stainless Steel Tool Boxes For Your Truck

Stainless steel tool boxes are great places to hold one’s tools, especially if one does a good amount of work away from the home. Not only are they durable, because of their make up, but also a pickup truck tool …

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Stanley Tool Boxes Built By Z.A.G. Industries

Stanley Tool Boxes Expand Tool Lines

The Stanley tool boxes line is another product group from the Stanley Works. The company has been known for high quality products for decades. The Stanley name is common in most hardware stores, home …

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Uses for Truck Tool Boxes

Ways in which truck tool boxes and a truck lumber rack can be used. It also describes different types of truck tool boxes such as Homak tool boxes and UWS tool box.

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Pickup Tool Boxes for the Back of the Truck

Pickup tool boxes are well suited for those trucks that do not have much room behind the seat. Tool boxes are usually mounted in the back of the truck, up towards the cab.

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Kennedy Tool Boxes The Tradition Of Tool Storage

Kennedy tool boxes are wherever you go. From the U.S. to Europe, Africa and Asia, you will find a Kennedy tool box. These two boxes are built and designed to satisfy a wide range of tool storage needs. They are …

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