The Rotary Self Leveling Laser Level

The rotary self leveling laser level is one of many levels used by woodworkers to ensure that work is consistent and accurate. Some prefer to use the more traditional levels, which include the kind with the bubbles. While okay for …

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Hole Saw

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The New Bosch Hole Saw Technology Makes Drilling Easier

With the introduction of the power change hole saw system, tough plug removal, wasted parts and poor hole quality will no longer be associated with drilling applications - a reality made …

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How To Build A Workbench

alt text What is needed to build a woodworking workbench. Key components and an extensive review on workbench accessories.

Scroll Saw Patterns Summary

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Scroll saw patterns are popular with craftsman, hobbyists and contractors. These patterns are complete plans for projects and intricate cuts, shapes and designs. There are patterns for wooden toys, puzzles, desk sets, wall hangings, intarsia Christmas decorations and many other …

Deciding on Workbenches

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What Type Of Workbench Is The Best For You
The price range for workbenches from a few bucks to over many thousand dollars will make us look a little bit closer into this field of one of the most used …

Garage Workbench Review

Where You Might Get A Good Industrial Workbench For Your Garage

A garage workbench article on a specialized woodworking site is obviously focusing on the practical hands on needs of the homeowner. With a garage workbench, most of us mean …

Planning And Design Of Your Garage Storage Cabinets

Making garage storage cabinets is an rather easy task for every woodworker. But before you start you should have some thoughts on the way you want to organize your workshop around your garage storage cabinets. This article wants to give …

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