The New Altendorf Wa 80 Sliding Table Saw

Altendorf is presenting to the international technical public the new version of a classic of the fifties the Altendorf WA 80 sliding table saw. With this new version of the type WA 80, Altendorf is on the one hand acknowledging the service rendered by the WA 80 of 1956.

On the other hand, Altendorf is aware of the situation in more than 100,000 woodworking shops around the world, in which Altendorf machines are being used. Many of these are looking for a second machine which is flexible, reliable and economical.

The same requirements are posed by those setting up new businesses. And what they would all like best of all is a genuine Altendorf. It is for these users that Altendorf has developed the new WA 80. It can be had at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

altendorf-sliding-table-saw-wa80The entire machine is manufactured in Germany, by Altendorf in Minden. To the same strict quality demands as apply for all Altendorf sliding table saws. The new "small" Altendorf will be available for delivery from September 2003.Two variants, comprehensively equipped.The new Altendorf WA 80, announced as an "economic miracle", impresses by its pleasant exterior and a range of amazing technical details.

With its comprehensive equipment, the WA 80 is outstandingly well equipped for any cutting tasks which arise in everyday use. It combines high-quality electronic and mechanical elements with rock-solid engineering which guarantees quality as standard.With this WA 80, Altendorf is following a crystal-clear machine concept. There are only two variants of the machine: with scorer or without scorer. Apart from this the WA 80 is fully equipped: a sliding table saw with no ifs and buts.With its comprehensive accessories fitted as standard, the WA 80 is immediately ready for sawing on delivery. It arrives at the customer site perfectly set up.

The assembly work required is minimal. That means: unpack, connect up and start sawing!Special features of the WA 80.That the new WA 80 is no cheap machine is made clear by Altendorf in the special equipment features. A crosscut mitre fence is included with the standard fitments on the WA 80.

For the user this means: accurate cutting of angles and mitres as a single function within a crosscut length range of 95 - 3200 mm. The tilt angle is infinitely adjustable from 0-49°.The motor, with its 5.5 kW (7.5 PS), provides sufficient drive power, and has a linear rise and fall adjustment. The digital tilt angle display on the central operating panel is easy and clear for the user to read. The saw blade changing procedure is convenient and rapid (max. diameter 400 mm) due to the quick-action clamping system.

The mechanical height memory of the scorer is practical, as is the manual lowering by lever. The rip fence is fitted with an accurate and easy-running fine adjustment.As the only machine to date to do so, the WA 80 has a light in the motor space. As soon as the motor space door is opened, the light switches on and the drive belt is easy to see for changing.

If desired, the WA 80 can also be fitted with a shorter 1800 mm long sliding table. However - and this is also part of the simple concept of the new WA 80 which has been stressed - the price remains the same as for the 3200 mm carriage.

The WA80 Altendorf sliding table saw specifications
- Sliding table: 3200 mm or 1800 mm, cutting length: 3100 mm or 1700 mm.
- Cutting height: 130 mm (regardless of scorer), with max. saw blade diameter 400 mm, which drops down completely below table level
- Height adjustment: motorised with linear guidance, maintenance-free
- Tilt adjustment: up to 45°, motorised, positioning speed: 12 sec. from 0 to 45°
- Digital tilt angle display- Cutting width: 1300 mm on the rip fence, with fine adjustment

Altendorf is again demonstrating to offer excellent quality in sliding table saw technic.

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