Collecting Antique Hand Tools

antique-woodworking-hand-tools-aAntique hand tools are something that every collector wants to see in their collection. Whether you are collecting antiques of all kinds or are specific to antique hand tools, there are many places for you to search for these unique collectors items. There are many antique tools out there for the finding.

These include antique power tools, antique drill presses, and smaller hand held tools. Finding old tools may take a bit of searching on your part, but with perseverance and determination you will find many sources for these antiques, starting with eBay and other auction services.

Power Tools

There are antique power tools out there that are 50 to 75 years old. You can find antique power tools on the Internet, at garage sales, at flea markets, and at estate sales. Finding old power tools will take a bit of searching but once you put the word out that you are looking for antique tools, word of mouth will find you those antiques.

antique-drill-press-aVintage Drill Press

One special kind of old tools which is very often seen as decoration is an antique drill press. The antique drill press is a tool which may be as old as 100 years. Many reputable antique dealers will be able to point you in the right direction to find such a drill press. You should expect to pay a considerable amount of money for any well conserved drill press, $400 to $500 are not rare for a well conserved machine like this. When you are looking at antique drill presses to purchase make sure you ask for proof of age or take the press to a reputable antique dealer to make sure it is a truly antique tool and not some copy..

Collecting Antique Lumber

Antique lumber will make a great addition to your home if you decide to find it, purchase it, and use it to enhance your home with either flooring or furniture. Antique lumber, that is recycled from old homes, can be from 100 to 200 years old and will make a great addition to any renovations you are thinking about doing.

Antique hand tools and antique lumber will eat into your pocketbook a little but are well worth the money, especially if you are renovating your home using antiques and antique lumber. When you think of antiques and collectibles make sure you check out antique hand tools.

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