Antique Tools Collecting – Old Tools Are Fascinating Hobby

Collecting antique tools has become a popular hobby for many people. For some, the interest comes from tools they remember using in younger years, or watching a parent or grandparent use. For others, the intrigue comes from the design and technology of the tools. In all cases, much of the fascination comes from finding unusual tools or discovering tools of a type never before seen by the collector.

One of the more popular lines of tools to collect is Stanley. Antique stanley hand tools are relatively easy to find. The company has been in business for more than 160 years and has widely distributed a full line of hand tools for much of that time. Collectors attempt to put together collections of a particular type of tool, or full lines of tools as well as collecting antique tools catalogs.

Old Tools Can Be Found In Many Places

antique-woodworking-hand-tools-bThere are old tools hanging in barns, garages and tool sheds of abandoned houses and farmsteads. Estate auctions are a good place to find these tools as are flea markets and antique shops. Friends and family members are also sources of antique tools or leads on where such tools may be found. Often these old hand tools can be purchased for very little money.

One of the more popular antique hand tools for collectors is the antique hand planer. These old planers were often constructed with a wooden block body and a blade that fit through the wooden block. Some of them were made with quite artistic tooled metal handles attached to the wood block. Often these old planers are cleaned up, even refinished or at least sealed and displayed in family rooms, workshops and offices.

Like with most collecting, the search for these old tools is half of the fun. They seem to turn up in the strangest places and at the most unusual times. Happening upon an unusual old tool or set of tools while on vacation and the joy of discovery adds to the trip or holiday. For many people, a fascinating hobby is collecting antique tools.

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