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This is the final part of our best circular saw review series where it all adds up. Throughout recent pages we had a close look at what the best circular saw must look like for any professional woodworker.
Starting with a circular saw review to various close looks into what is the best plunge cut circular saw, to what to look for in a cordless circular saw. We also looked into guide rail systems and the best circular saw blades when cutting wood and other materials. Now let's finalize it all into what the best circular saw should look like.

What is the best circular saw?

The following circular saw comparison table lists all features and benefits that a professional circular saw should have.
Hopefully helping you find what to look for when looking for YOUR best circular saw.

Basic Circular Saw By User Categories

Corded Circular Saws
Feature Comparison Table
Homeowner and DIY
occasional usage
Cabinet Maker
Professional Woodworker
Carpenter & Roofer
Heavy Duty Frame Worker
Rec. Motor Power 8 amps
( ~1000 watts )
10 amps
( ~1200 watts )
15 amps
( ~1800 watts )
Max. Depth of Cut up to 2-1/4"
up to 2-1/2"
up to 6-1/4"
(158mm) (and above)
Overall Shape of Circular Saw Sidewinder Sidewinder Sidewinder or Worm-Drive
Circular Saw Design Right Blade Right Blade Right Blade
Overall Circular Saw Type Pendulum Guard Circular Saw Plunge Cut Saw Pendulum Guard Circular Saw
Depth Adjustment Front Pivot Rear Pivot Parallel Guide
Bevel Adjustment Simple Precision Precision
Blade Change Mechanism Spindle-Lock Spindle-Lock Spindle-Lock
Circular Saw Safety
  • Large Lever on Circular Saw Blade Guard
  • Riving Knife
  • Large Lever on Circular Saw Blade Guard
  • Blade Guard with Push-Wheel (in case of pendulum guard saw)
  • Riving Knife
  • Large Lever on Circular Saw Blade Guard
  • Blade Guard with Push-Wheel
  • Riving Knife
Blade Brake Recommended Important Important
Variable Speed Electronics Not needed Useful (if you plan to cut non-ferrous or plastic materials) Useful (if you plan to cut non-ferrous or plastic materials)
Guide Rail System Useful Important Recommended
- non-slip guide rail surface protection Useful Important Recommended
- replaceable anti-splinter guard on rail Useful Important Recommended
- sliding guide rail strips Useful Useful Useful
Laser Line on Cutting Line Useful Not needed Not needed
Circular Saw Blades
- Rip Cut Blade Recommended Important Important
- Universal Saw Blade Important Important Important
- Fine Tooth Saw Blade Recommended Important Important
- Laminate Circular Saw Blade Useful Important Important
- Non-Ferrous Circular Saw Blade Useful Recommended Recommended
Parallel Cutting Guide (Rip Fence) Simple
Rip Fence
Rip Fence
Rip Fence
Softgrip Handle Useful Useful Useful
Circular Saw Dust Connector Important Important Recommended
Carrying Case Useful Important Important
Suggested Woodworking Circular Saw
Rec. Circular Saw Power Tool Brands DeWalt,Bosch, Festool, Festool, DeWalt, Mafell, Makita,

This has been an overview about the ideal circular saw. However, any decision about which circular saw to purchase for your home or workshop.

It is our sincere hope that this circular saw review series has offered you a path to find "the best circular saw for you!"

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This is the final part of the circular saw review series.

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