Black Max Air Compressor Information

The Black Max Air Compressor Company Is Sold

The Black Max Air Compressor was once a popular compressor for home and do-it-yourselfer use. The Sanborn Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Minnesota made the Black Max air compressor. The assets of Sanborn Manufacturing have been acquired by Coleman Powermate, Inc. They have discontinued the Black Max air compressor.

The Black Max air compressor, a model manufactured by Sanborn Manufacturing has slipped into air compressor history. A once popular model for the Sanborn company, it has been replaced by subsequent Coleman products. Parts for the Black Max air compressor are still available on websites and through some hardware stores and industrial supply outlets. Used and reconditioned Black Max air compressors are also available though Internet auction sites.

Coleman Powermate purchased the Black Max air compressor name and other assets of the Sanborn Manufacturing Company in 1994. Coleman management decided to expand the company’s power equipment lines and began adding air tools and equipment. Today this equipment is distributed internationally.

Black Max Air Compressors Replaced By Coleman Powermate Models

While Coleman no longer offers the Black Max air compressor model, it does offer a number of models in four different categories. These include the Premium, Premium Plus, Contractor and Industrial categories. There are a number of models in each category to supply the air power needed for everything from occasional use to heavy-duty usage. Coleman has replaced model names such as Black Max with model numbers. Coleman has an extensive line of air compressors covering the entire Black Max compressor range of products and more.

If you are shopping for a Black Max air compressor by Sanborn Manufacturing Company, you are out of luck. That is, unless you are willing to settle for a used or reconditioned Black Max compressor. If you are looking for parts for your Black Max, those are still available through a number of websites. If you are shopping for a new air compressor, there is a wide range of Coleman Powermate compressors that have replaced the Black Max air compressors.

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