A Bridgeport Mill Can Revolutionize Your Shop

Buying a Bridgeport mill will change the way any small or large shop operates. That is because mills made by Bridgeport lead the industry in technological advances, efficiency, and reliability. Bridgeport supplies machinery for many different industries, including a large number of auto manufacturers and aerospace firms. The reason these companies choose Bridgeport is because they build their mills with the most advanced technology and backs them with a commitment to ensure that these machines will last a lifetime. Do it yourself will rarely find a Bridgeport mill in their price range, but looking at the technology of these mills will make them wish they could.

The Company

The Bridgeport Company began in 1917 as Adcock and Shipley, manufacturers of many different tools. The company grew slowly for several years, but when they began making milling machines in the late 1950s this growth became exponential. Bridgeport now has suppliers and manufacturing plants in several different countries around the world, and produces some of the most exciting and precise machining centers in the world.

Bridgeport Mills

cnc-routing1Mills from Bridgeport are the first choice of almost every industry that demands precision milling. This is because Bridgeport produces some of the most accurate and reliable mills in the world. By purchasing a Bridgeport these high tech firms (such as aircraft and race car manufacturers) know that they will get accurate milling, even over the course of a production run that may run into hundreds of the same milled item.

The Cnc Mill – Bridgeport's Specialty

One technological area that Bridgeport pioneered was the CNC mill. CNC mills use computer programming and robotic gantries to produce materials that are far more accurate than a human could produce. With a Bridgeport CNC mill any manufacturing plant can produce milled parts that will be identical down to the millimeter over hundreds or even thousands of items. It is understandable that companies that makes airplanes, then, would turn to Bridgeport to ensure that the parts they use will be produced to exact tolerances every time.

Bridgeport CNC technology is intuitive, so that operators only need to input specifications for the product. Once these specifications have been entered, the CNC mill decides for itself what tools will be necessary and can perform tool changes in less than four seconds. With accuracy and speed like that, it is no wonder that many manufacturers choose a Bridgeport mill.

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