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Bruce flooring is the first thought that comes to mind for many when they think of hardwood flooring. Bruce flooring has been recognized as the leading brand of hardwood flooring for decades. People the world over, when seeking a beautiful and natural touch to their homes, choose Bruce flooring.

Bruce wood flooring can add value to a home. With the technological advances in wood finishing materials and techniques, wood floors are practical choices for every room in the home except the bathroom. The bathroom presents the risk of excessive exposure to moisture; even with the improved moisture resistant finishes available. The variety of floor styles, improvements in durability, and advances made in maintenance and care make hardwood floors a beautiful and elegant choice for most homes.

hardwood-flooring-cBruce Flooring Has Long, Distinguished History

E.L. Bruce founded the company in 1884, and since that time Bruce has been a leading hardwood flooring company. Today this flooring is manufactured and distributed throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Bruce floors come in both solid wood and engineered wood. The engineered wood is a series of layers of wood ply’s laid in cross grain patterns for increased strength and durability.

These floors are available in a number of popular species, including oak, maple, pine, cherry and pecan as well as specialty woods. This variety of wood species offers a wide array of choices in color and grain patterns, virtually guaranteed to fit almost every taste and decorating scheme.

Bruce floor also comes in a variety of styles in addition to the colors. These include planks, strips and parquet tiles. Each of these styles comes in either surface urethane or wax finish. There is also a variety of edge treatments, including square, tongue and groove and bevelled to maximize the ease of installation and the beauty of the floor after installation. These floors are very durable and will last a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance.
Bruce remains a great choice for your home, adding beauty and elegance as well as increasing the value of your home. When shopping for where to buy flooring, visit the websites of Internet e-tailers. Many of these business offer discount Bruce products.

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