Cedar Lumber

What kind of cedar lumber is available?
Cedar lumber can add beauty to many different woodworking projects. Cedar lumber has many great qualities, which make it excellent for both indoor and outdoor furniture, flooring, and cabinetry. One of the things that cedar is most famous for is its enchanting scent. This scent can be especially nice for dressers, armories, and other cabinetry used to store clothing. Cedar wood is also noted for its durability in outdoor projects even untreated boxes, decks, and sheds made with cedar lumber can last for many years.

Many vendors sell cedar lumber and the vendor you choose depends greatly on the grade of cedar you require since many specialty dealers only deal with inside or finish lumber. However, lumber wholesalers may offer a wide variety of cedar products so it is worthwhile to investigate several different sources to get the best cedar lumber prices. cedar-lumber-aReclaimed cedar lumber from demolished buildings is one way in which woodworkers can save money. In fact, many of the timbers reclaimed from these older buildings are of a size and quality that is no longer available today.

Cedar Lumber Prices

Many factors influence cedar lumber prices, with the most important one being the demand for this lumber around the world. For example, Japan, Europe, and the United States all compete for a share of the world's supply of cedar. The number of dealers in your area can also influence cedar prices in that the more competition amongst vendors, generally the lower the prices. Natural disasters, both in your area and around the world, can also have a negative effect on cedar lumber prices.

Reclaimed Cedar

Reclaimed cedar lumber is among the most valuable lumber available and is usually purchased at auction for prices higher than current market prices. The reason is that reclaimed cedar lumber was often produced from old growth lumber, which is either no longer available or has been protected due to endangered species such as the spotted owl. This old growth wood is amongst the most highly prized of all cedar lumber.

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