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What Kind Of Chainsaw Sharpeners Work Best ?

The easiest form of a chain saw sharpener is the hand file. A little round file with a diameter according to the size of the chain saw. This simple way of sharpening a chain saw is ideal for a quick on the site refreshing of the chain. The chain saw sharpening file is passed over the chain, sharpening just the tip. As it is done by hand, it requires some skills to be done always at the same angle. As otherwise, the cutting angle of the chain would be changed. Some file suppliers offer special holders to give the user a better orientation on the angle for each stroke.

chainsaw sharpeners by handThe picture shows a sharpening file used in an Oregon chainsaw sharpening machine - a detailed product review is here. Normally you would sharpen the chain directly with the chain being in your chain saw. This makes the hand file a very handy method for a quick resharpening.

Professional Chain Saw Sharpener

Oregon chain saw sharpener

Oregon chain saw sharpener

For the professional woodworker who requires sharpening a large number of chainsaws, a special sharpening machine might be worth considering. One of the most common machines is the Oregon Bench Mount Grinder . This electric chain saw sharpener makes the process really easy and straight forward.

The chain is clamped with an eccentric lever between two guide bars. These guides keep the chain exactly in the correct sharpening angle. A little pin allows to move the chain to the next tooth. With grinding wheels of different thickness, the Oregon chain saw sharpener can be perfectly adopted to chains from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch pitch.

During the sharpening process, the grinding wheel is perfectly covered by a large safety shield. The motor turns the wheel at 3400 RPM. Its ease of use and durability make the Oregon chain saw sharpener certainly one of the best chain sharpeners on the market.

What kind of chainsaw sharpeners work best

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