Circular Saw Review

In our ongoing power tool review series, we present the circular saw review. As with most of our reviews you'll discover a detailed presentation about the wide array of circular saws that are available in the marketplace.

From a woodworking point of view, it is one of the most used saws in the daily work life of a cabinet maker, the framer, or construction worker. The flexibility and precision of this workhorse make the circular saw invaluable for the professional.

In this circular saw review you'll discover the major aspects about a high end professional saw, as well as learning what makes a top rated circular saw. At the conclusion of this multi-part review, you'll have ratings of various circular saw and the key parts of this popular power tool.

Circular Saw Review Series Circular Saws Review Table of Contents How to rate and compare a circular saw before you buy?
Part 1 - Circular Saw Reviews >>
Reviews of basic circular saw categories

Overall shape of circular saws:  Sidewinder vs. Worm-Drive
Right blade vs. left blade saws

Part 2 - Circular Saws Review >>
What Kind of Circular Saw Should I Buy?
Let's compare circular saw types: pendulum guard and plunge cut
Part 3 - Circular Saw Ratings of Key Features >>
Circular Saw Ratings of Key Features
Depths adjustment: front pivot, rear pivot vs. parallel guide
Which depth adjustment is better?
Blade change mechanism and spindle lock
Part 4 - Circular Saw Safety >>
Safety Features Blade Guard Lever, Blade Guard with Push-Wheel, Riving Knife, Blade Brake
Part 5 - Electric Circular Saw Power and Ergonomics >>
Power and Durability of Electric Circular Saws
Electronics and variable speed
Ergonomics and weight
Summary ratings table on power and weight of professional saws
Part 6 - Cordless Circular Saw >>
Cordless Circular Saw Market Comparison
Cordless saws and cutting depths
Compare voltage and battery types in Makita cordless tools
How long will a top rated cordless circular saw last?
Practical tip: multi-use of cordless saws.
What is the best cordless circular saw?
Part 7 -Circular Saw Guide >>
Saw Guide Systems
Rip fence rated the simplest saw guide
Ratings on guide rail systems for circular saws
Rail adjustable to circular saw and non-slip
Evaluating anti-splinter guard, sliding strips and special guide rail clamps
Which guide rail system will you use?
Alternative guide systems: Review circular saw laser guide line
Part 8 - Circular Saw Blades >>
Saw Blades and Accessories
What circular saw blade do you use for ... ?
The professional woodworkers guideline for circular saw blade selection
Top Rated Accessories: dust extraction and carrying case
Part 9 - Best Circular Saw >>
Finding the Best Circular Saw
What is the best circular saw for your needs?
What are the Benefits/Features of Corded Circular Saws
Detailed Circular Saw Comparison Table: Helping you find the best circular saw for you

You'll be able to make an informed decision about how to answer your needs in the type of work you do whether professional woodworker, or a DIY enthusiast. The popular saw comparison table at the end of this review, compares the key benefits and tells you their importance and versatility for different user groups.

Let's get started with the first part and do some reviews of essential categories of circular saws, from sidewinder to worm-drive, right blade to left blade saws. s
Circular Saw Review Read on with part 1 of...

Circular Saw Reviews Basics >>

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