What is CNC Milling?

CNC milling is one of the most often practiced forms of all the cnc operations. Milling is used to do drilling, turning and sometimes even cutting. The machines are classified according to how many axes they have. In cnc milling, these axes are labeled x and y for vertical movement and z for horizontal movement. Standard CNC milling machines usually have four axes: Tables x, y and z and milling head z. A five axis machine has an extra axis for the horizontal milling head. This gives extra flexibility to the machine.

Codes for programming

CNC milling machines are programmed by using commands called G-codes. These G-codes represent the specific functions of the machine in alphanumeric format. 3-axis milling is a process where part of the wood is removed from a block of wood by using a rotating tool. This tool is moved in different directions to achieve a desired shape. A variety of shapes are available as cutting tools, such as squares or triangles and they can be rounded or angled. 2D and 3D shapes are also possible. The result is a visible pattern in the wood.

cnc-milling-machine-bEven the novice computer user can learn to use CNC milling machines. Each machine comes with the necessary software and instruction manuals. It takes a bit of practice, but the results you obtain fill you with pride when you complete a project.

Benefits of Used Milling Machines

If you are not sure of how much success you will have with CNC technology, you can consider purchasing used milling machines. These are generally a lot cheaper than new ones and you will feel more comfortable using them. The price you pay will allow you to freely experiment and the original owner may be able to help you with using it and getting started. There are many locations to purchase new and used machines. UK customers, for example, have almost 200 locations to choose from. There are also many sites on the Internet fro purchasing machines for CNC milling.

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