Where To Buy Columbia® Flooring

Columbia ® Flooring is a division of Columbia ® Forest Products. The parent company is the leading manufacturer of hardwood veneer, hardwood plywood and laminate flooring products. By purchasing Columbia®, you know that you are getting the material straight from the manufacturer.

Where to buy Columbia ®floor

If you are wondering where to buy Columbia ® flooring, a search on the Intenet will show you a large number od distributors that sell Columbia ® flooring directly or use it in manufacturing products that they sell, such as cabinets and other furniture. There is a whole network of distributors all across North America who do deal in selling Columbia flooring.

How is columbia ® flooring made?

hardwood-flooring-dColumbia ® flooring consists of several layers. The top layer usually consists of a transparent scratch and stain resistant layer that has high durability to stand up to years of wear. The next layer is the deign layer, a melamine resin coated paper with various patterns of wood grain designs or stone designs imprinted on it. The third layer is the core – a high density fiberboard made with a water resistant glue. The final layer is the stabilizing layer which also contains melamine resin to provide the balance to the flooring and prevent any warping.

Based on this description of how the flooring is made, you can see that if you can manage to get a discount on Columbia ® floor you will certainly be getting a good deal. The company uses the same process to make all the flooring and the discounted flooring, if there is one, it comes from the dealer, not the manufacturer.

Whether you buy the floor at the regular price or get discount flooring you will still get the same warranty. According to this warranty, the flooring is guaranteed not to stain, fade or wear. It is also guaranteed against damage from moisture and structural defects. The columbia ® flooring system is easy to install and easy to care for.

Columbia ® Flooring Contact Information:
7834 C.F. Hawn Freeway
Dallas, TX 75217

Phone: 800.654.8796

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