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What is the Mafell Company? How can you learn about Mafell tools and machinery? Their website is a great place to start with information about the Mafell company that has been around since 1926 when the first portable electric carpentry machine was created.

Since then, Mafell has continued making renovations and manufacturing machinery to help with all your woodworking needs.
The Mafell company has many woodworking machines such as chainsaws and table saws. They also have a wide selection of items for drilling as well as sanding and planing.

The Mafell company has many products for your viewing on their websites including their mortising and routing products and timber crafter/tenoners.

Mafell has always manufactured the electric motors that power its products. This is how they got their start and it helps them now. They are able to offer higher quality products powered by the best in electric motors and still offer affordable and reasonable prices to their customers.

The Mafell also offers a PDF formatted price list of their services. There are addresses and telephone numbers to help you if you want information on ordering. Mafell released innovations such as the world’s lightest portable panel saw.

For more information about Mafell and their extensive wood working products list, visit the website.


Mafell AG
Postfach 1180
D-78720 Oberndorf a.N.

Mafell North America, Inc.
435 Lawrence Bell Dr., Suite 3
Williamsville, NY 14221





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