Compressor Parts Of An Air Compressor

Compressor parts do wear out after extended use of an air compressor. Some of the common compressor parts that need to be replaced are the switches and the pulleys. However, if you have used the compressor a lot or have had it for a long time, you may have to replace larger air compressor parts, such as the motor.

Compressor parts are available mostly from where you purchased the machine or from the manufacturers service center. For Craftsman compressor parts, you would have to contact the dealer. If you are not sure about installing the replacement compressor parts, you can choose to have it done at the store. Many dealers offer this service to their customers and the cost is minimal compared to having to purchase a new compressor.

Best way to install compressor parts

compressor-waterless-filter-1When installing compressor parts, you have to know what each part does and where it fits in the machine. You need to have the technical know how and know the workings of the compressor before you start. Working on one type of compressor does not mean that you can capably work on all compressors as each one works differently. If you have always dealt with Craftsman compressor parts, you may have difficulty installing a compressor part on another brand name compressor. Even when you do have the compressor part installed properly, you should still monitor the operation to ensure that all the gauges are working as they should.

compressor-switch-1Some of the compressor parts that may need replacing on your machine are the ones that control the drainage and the water filters. Especially on pancake compressors air filters tend to break during day to day work. In order to repair an air compressor, you really have to know what particular compressor part is gone on the machine. Without this knowledge, you may find yourself going to unnecessary expense by purchasing the wrong part.

Before you start to take off a worn compressor part. You should check the warranty of the machine. Different compressor parts carry different warranties, especially the larger components. If you still have warranty left, then the best thing you can do is to bring the machine into the dealer. Craftsman compressor parts usually carry a 5 year warranty on the major part and a one year warranty on the smaller compressor parts.

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