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What does a compressor intercooler do?


Compressor intercooler and how it works

The compressor intercooler is designed to get the air out of the water before it gets to the tank. If you have water dripping off the end of the hose, this is a hint that the compressor intercooler is not working the way it should. You can take the compressor to get it fixed or you can try to fix the compressor cooler yourself.

Fixing the compressor intercooler

In order to fix the compressor cooler, you need a tool called a tranny cooler. The water separator at the bottom of the cooler dumps water into the tank. Move the “unloader” line from the top to the bottom of the tank. This line blows off the air between the compressor and the check valve, so that when it starts up, it does without a load. This method allows the compressor to dump water every time it is shut down.

This trick for fixing the compressor intercooler is not a good idea to use if your compressor is under warranty. Those who do not have any warranty remaining usually use it. If you have had the compressor for some time, using this trick will actually add to the volume of the tank.

Most compressors used in industries have several stages in their design. The main job of a compressor cooler is to provide cool dry air to the next stage of the compression so that each stage has the correct density of air. In addition to having an intercooler, these larger compressors also have aftercoolers to provide cooler, drier gas to the end stage.

Certain types of compressors use less water in the compressor intercooler than others. These designs tend to be less costly to operate as they do not require as much electricity to cool the water down to the required temperature. The compressor cooler is an integral part of any compressor. Therefore, it is extremely important to have regular maintenance of the compressor to ensure that it does not break down when it is needed most. Depending on the type of compressor, it may be cheaper to purchase a new one than to replace the compressor intercooler.




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