Copeland Compressors Power Dental Tools

A copeland compressor is probably at the heart of your home comfort system. Regardless who makes your air conditioning unit or heat pump, the system likely includes a air compressor. It is not just in the home that you will find these units. Visit your local dentist and you will likely have your teeth cleaned or fixed with the aid of a Copeland air compressor.

The Copeland unit used in dentists’ offices is a modified version of the high volume air conditioning unites the company produces for home and business applications. The modified unit used to power dental equipments such as air drills and airbrushes are quiet and reliable. compressor-switch-1The invention of the air powered dental drill in 1957 was a major breakthrough for dentistry. Copeland air compressor units have powered successive generations of this drill and other dental equipment for more than four decades.

Copeland Compressors Power Refrigeration Units

The Copeland compressor has been used for air compression, air conditioning and to power air tools for more than 80 years. Today the company produces air conditioning units for use in convenience stores, medical and scientific laboratories, railroad refrigeration cars, supermarkets, and restaurants. These units are also used in ice machines, milk cooling, air-drying and cryogenics.

compressor-waterless-filter-1Today, Copeland is a part of Emerson Climate Technologies. Emerson was founded in 1890 in St. Louis, Missouri to produce electric fans and electric motors. Emerson sold the first electric fans in America two short years later. In 1954, Emerson began a program of diversification, following a strategy of acquiring companies in growth segments. It was only natural that Copeland air compressor would fit into that strategy.

When you adjust the thermostat in your home, enjoy produce, seafood or meats shipped in refrigerated rail cars you are using a Copeland compressor. When you have your teeth cleaned or pull a cold drink out of the cooler at the local convenience store, you likely are benefiting from a copeland compressor.

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