A Cordless Drill Review Of The Top Brand Names

A cordless drill review of some of the drills you are thinking about purchasing really helps you in your decision. By reading the ratings of what others have to say about a particular brand of drill in a cordless drill review, you will be able to make a purchase with ease knowing that other customers have had success with using it. Companies also benefit from a review because they get feedback about their product and can take steps to making improvement if a problem is found.

Benefits of a cordless drill review

milwaukee-tools-0602-22By looking at a cordless drill review, you will be able to save yourself valuable time by knowing which drills you should avoid based on the problems that other people have had. Even if a cordless drill comparison of the prices shows that this drill is substantially cheaper than others, you know that you are better off paying then extra cost. Keep looking at all product details such as battery power and charging time. You will probably end up buying a more expensive drill anyway when the problems with the cheaper one surface. This is not to say that all cheap drills have problems. It is just used as an example of how a cordless drill review can help you make up your mind.

Review the different Type of Cordless Drills

You can basically separate any cordless drill into two types of handle:

  • Pistol Handle
  • Mid-Handle

Other than simple shape or form of the drill any review should consider the voltage (incl.Amps) of the Battery pack, which usually starts at drills with 4.8Volts and goes up to 24V , even 36Volt units. In any case you want to make sure to unterstand that higher voltage means more power (generally speaking), but also comes with a much higher weight of the entire tools.

A good example of weight vs. performance is shown comparing the below 7.2 Volt Makita unit with a 24 Volt Cordless Hammer Drill from Bosch.

makita_cordless_drill_6170DW bosch_cordless_hammer_drill_12524
7.2 Volt Makita Pistol Handle Cordless Drill 24 Volt Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill

Ratings and Drill Comparison

A cordless drill comparison can tell you how different drills act under the same circumstances or on the same types of job. It can also include drill ratings and a comparison of the prices for different brand names of drills or even a comparison of prices of the same drill at different stores. Using a cordless drill comparison can save you a lot of time by knowing which stores or brands charge the highest and lowest prices.

Most major power tool companies/brands do offer a variety of cordless tools/drills in all sorts of different categories. Amongst the biggest in the cordless world are names such as:

  • Black and Decker
  • Bosch
  • Craftsman
  • DeWalt
  • Fein
  • Festo
  • Hilti
  • Hitachi
  • Makita
  • Metabo
  • Milwaukee
  • Panasonic
  • Ridgid
  • Ryobi a.s.m.

How to Buy a Cordless Drill

When you are buying a cordless drill there are certain features you should look for. First you should look at whether or not the cordless drill battery is included or if you have to buy it separately. Another tip for those who want to know how to buy a cordless drill is to handle the drill and test it for weight. If it is heavy and you need to be holding it for any length of time, then maybe it’s not the drill for you. You also have to look at the length of time the cordless drill battery will last. If it only lasts a short period of time, you will lose valuable time in recharging. Buying a cordless drill becomes an easy task when you use a cordless drill review.

cordless_drills_dewalt_DW987What to look for when you are reviewing a cordless drill?

In this detailed overview on powerful cordless drills for the woodworker here we examine in great detail what to look  for before deciding on what your next drill should look like. All important anspects from battery power, chuck types, hammer vs. non-hammer action, electronic braking vs. electronic switch are examined. Definetly worth reading before you review any new cordless drill.

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