Cordless Drill Review

This cordless drill review will help you decide what to look for in a battery powered drill and what key components any modern drill must have. In this multi-part review we will examine and rate all vital parts of a professional cordless drill to help you decide what to look for when you are buying your next cordless drill for your workshop.

A Detailed Review of What To Look For in A Cordless Drill

Without any doubt one of the largest segments in the power tool industry is the cordless tool segment. By far the largest group of battery driven tools from the point of view of a woodworker, is the cordless drill. They have generally replaced most of the power corded models.

When it comes to decide which is the best cordless drill for you - the market seems overwhelmingly crowded with different brands and models offering tons of features with different battery levels at an enormous array of different price levels. From a couple of bucks for some cheap DIY drill to $400 and more for some of the most powerful cordless drills. Let's start our cordless drill review by rating the different segments the market.

Cordless Drill Review Series Cordless Drills Review
Table of Contents
How to compare and rate a cordless drill before you buy?
Part 1 - Cordless Drill Reviews >>
Reviews of Key Cordless Drill Groups
Small screwdrivers, DIY drills, professional and high power cordless drills to heavy duty pneumatic hammer drills
Analysis of three handle types for cordless drills
Part 2 - Cordless Drill Ratings >>
What Kind of Cordless Drill Should I Buy?
Compare a major component on different drills:  the chuck
Size, keyless vs keyed, removable, eccentric and right angle chuck comparison.
Part 3 - Cordless Drill Parts >>
Important Parts on Cordless Drills
Switch with electronic cordless drill brake, soft start
Ergonomic design for left-right switch
Clutch or torque adjustment - Why it does not work in woodworking!
Part 4 - Cordless Hammer Drill Action >>
Pros and Cons of Hammer Action on a Cordless Drill ?
Versatility vs. run-out and more weight
Difference between hammer drills and cordless SDS hammer drills (pneumatic).
Part 5 - Battery Drills >>
Mechanical Gear, Serviceability and Ergonomics
Electronic variables speed vs. mechanical gear
Carbon brush change and motor maintenance
Angle on the cordless drill handle
Part 6 - Cordless Drill Batteries >>
Battery Packs for Cordless Drills
Amps per hour (Ah) and Volt
Nickel-Cadmium vs. Nickel-Metal Hydride vs. Lithium Ion batteries
What is the best battery pack for my cordless tool?
Part 7 - Cordless Drill Battery Charger >>
Using the Right Charger For your Drill Batteries
Battery charger types by speed
Advanced chargers with cooling fan, sensor, temperature and voltage control
Special chargers
Part 8 - Best Cordless Drill per User User Group >>
What is the Best Cordless Drill you?
Best drill for cabinet maker - framer/roofer/home builder - and - DIY users.
Looking at key brands like DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Festool, Black and Decker, Ridgid in the cordless drill comparison table

This cordless drill review will acquaint you with the features you might want when you buy your next cordless drill. The following pages will examine special woodworking requirements in detail from a special woodworkers point of view.

So let's get started with part one of this review digging into the different types of cordless drills available on the market.
Cordless Drill Review Read on with part 1 of...
Cordless Drill Reviews >>

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