Cypress Lumber

Cypress lumber is a very versatile wood, used in many woodworking projects and workshops. Cypress lumber can be used as a trim for cabinets, counter tops, flooring or panelling. Because it is do hardy and durable, cypress lumber is also used in many outdoor projects as well.

Cypress wood mainly comes from the wetlands found in the south eastern coastal plain and north along the Mississippi flood plain and into Illinois. Two varieties of Cypress wood are the ones that are mostly used for cypress lumber – bald cypress and pond cypress. Pond cypress wood is really good to use for projects with cypress lumber because it has relatively few knots. Cypress wood has a natural preservative oil, called cypressene”, which makes second growth cypress moderately resistant to rot and insects.

cypress-lumber-tree-aMany homes are opting for the beauty of cypress lumber for the siding for their homes. Cypress 5/4 square edge board is one inch in thickness and works well with any man-made siding. When it receives a surface treatment to provide UV and moisture protection, cypress lumber is extremely durable.

Inside the house, cypress veneer, used in furniture, adds elegance to the décor of any room of the house. Cypress veneer is just as durable as other wood products and can be polished to a gleaming shine.

Before You Install Cypress Lumber as Siding

Cypress lumber, when used as siding, should be installed at a moisture content as close as possible to that of the area. In order to achieve this, the cypress lumber should be stored, covered and off the ground, in a dry well-ventilated area for at least ten days before it will be installed. This helps to minimize any shrinking or swelling of once it is installed. The nails used should be long enough to go through the cypress wood and rough cut lumber underneath. All edges should also be primed or pre-finished before installation in order to reduce the opening of the joins.

The beauty of cypress lumber matches the environment. If you want your home to have a serene, peaceful look, then cypress lumber is the answer.

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