dewalt batteries for cordless tools

Flexible interchangeable DeWalt batteries


Using DeWalt batteries for your DeWalt cordless tools is one of the best ways to maximize your work time and minimize your down time. That is because DeWalt batteries are designed to work as hard as you do, providing enough power to operate your cordless tools for hours.

DeWalt batteries also charge more quickly than many other cordless tools. Dewalt batteries use a three stage charging system. In the first stage, which lasts about an hour, the battery is given enough of a charge to return it to work at almost full capacity. In the second, which lasts another two hours, each cell in the battery is given a complete charge. In the final stage, the battery is kept at peak charge with trickles of energy whenever the charger senses that the charge level has dropped slightly.

The interchangeable DeWalt battery

Because a DeWalt battery is interchangeable, you never have to worry about being caught without a fresh battery. Each DeWalt cordless tool comes with two batteries, and with the rapid three stage charging system you should always have a battery on hand that is ready to go.

If you want to maximize your work time with your Dewalt batteries it is a good idea to bring your charger stand with you to any job sites. That way, when one battery runs down you can charge it right away – remember a Dewalt battery will be ready to go again in just one hour, and will be fully charged in just three hours.

DeWalt 18 Volt batteries can be used in the entire line of DeWalt 18 Volt cordless power tools. These batteries feature about 40 percent more running time than a regular cordless tool battery. A DeWalt 18 Volt battery weighs less than three pounds, which means that DeWalt tools are light enough to be used, but still strong enough to handle your toughest projects.

The DeWalt DC9096 18 Volt battery

All newer DeWalt 18 Volt cordless tools use the DeWalt DC9096 18 Volt battery. This interchangeability means that the same battery can be used for Dewalt cordless hammer drills, jigsaws, circular saws, and reciprocating saws. You can also use the DeWalt DC9096 18 Volt battery in your cordless impact wrench or flashlight. Their power and flexibility is what makes more woodworkers and do it yourselfers choose DeWalt batteries.





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