Are There Differences In The Shape Of Carbide Tip Teeth In Circular Saw Blades ?

When you need to cut through aluminum sheeting or other ferrous metals with a circular saw, you might wonder what saw blade is best. Finding the correct blade for the job can be confusing. Recently we received a letter from one of our readers.

"…For years now, I have been using my circular saw standard blade to cut wood and plywood with ease. The other day however, I found the need to cut a sheet of aluminum. I wondered which blade to use. What about the same type of blade found in my circular saw for cutting wood?"
From Mr Ken Spence Chicoutimi Quebec.

Thank you for your query Ken. Cutting through wood is different than processing ferrous metals with your circular saw. We have various of up-to-date comparison charts in our web pages illustrating the differences in the shape and angle of carbide tip teeth of circular saw blades.

Which ever you use, will depend upon the material you are cutting. Blade speed is an important factor as well.  In your case for example cutting aluminum sheeting requires a slower blade speed.

Find the full overview on circular saw blades for different materials here.

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