Drywall Repair Is Common Household Chore

Drywall repair tips are listed in magazines, home improvement books and in pamphlets produced by drywall equipment manufacturers. Learning how to repair drywall is relatively easy.

Normally, there will only be a few tools necessary to make your drywall repair. You will probably need a square, a pencil, a box knife and a trowel. Other tools may be necessary if there is more severe damage.

Repairing Corners
One common drywall repair problem is corners, especially outside corners. These are the corners normally found in doorways not protected with surround trim, and the corners at the ends of stub walls. Outside drywall corners are especially susceptible to being damaged with nicks, dings and gouges. These repairs may be more involved. They may include applying a metal or plastic corner bead if one is not already in place or fixing the thin coat of drywall mud on the damaged area if a bead is present.

Ceiling Drywall Repair
drywall-repair-of-a-hole-Another common drywall repair problem is hole or gouges found in walls and ceilings. These repairs may involve cutting out the damaged area and either patching the texture with another piece of drywall or piece of screen or mesh.

Cracks And Scratches In The Drywall
The third common type of drywall repair is a crack in the wall. Generally this involves taping over the crack and applying thin coats of plaster mud over the damaged area and then sanding it smooth.
Drywall repair is easy for do-it-yourselfers. Armed with a few tips, some simple tools and the desire to do it, you can make your own drywall repair.

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