Electra Beckum Company

The Electra-Beckum Company was founded in 1964 founded in Beckum by Günter Lubitz. They began production in 1969, creating bench grinders and table saws. In 1975 the moved their operations to the current location in Meppen (Emsland) and began expansion of the production range to include compressors and pneumatic tools, welding and cutting equipment as well as pumps for the home, workshop and garden. They also offer an array of woodworking tools.

Electra-Beckum’s line of saws includes band saws, crosscut saws, panel saws, radial pull saws, and circular saws. They also produce bench grinders, dust collectors, belt sanders, log splitters, plasma cutting machines, spindle moulders, wood turning lathes, and a wet-dry grinder.

In 1999 Electra-Beckum was purchased by Metabo, a manufacturer of electric power tools. They have their own production and distribution companies in over 19 countries and are sell their products in more than 100 countries around the world. Elektra Beckum as a company deals mainly in Europe, while in the U.S and Canada, the company is represented by the parent organization.


Elektra Beckum
Daimlerstr. 1
Meppen D-49716

Elektra Beckum USA
Metabo Corporation
P.O. Box 2287
1231 Wilson Drive
West Chester, PA 19380

Elektra Beckum Canada
Metabo Canada Inc.
190 Britannia Road East,
Unit No. 12
Mississauga, ON.
L4Z 1W6

Elektra Beckum U.K.
Metabo (UK) Ltd.
25 Majestic Road
Nursling Industrial Estate
Southampton / SO 16 OYT

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