Jigsaw Review

alt text A detailed review of what an excellent jigsaw should have, from a woodworkers point of view.

Log Splitter Review

alt text What To Look For When You Want To Buy A Good Log Wood Splitter - A Detailed Review! What is needed to decide what a good log splitter should have, before you buy one. Reviewing all key components from hydraulic pump, blade and wedge to vertical and horizontal splitters.

Bamboo Flooring More Than An Alternative

alt text Bamboo Flooring is certainly one of the upcoming materials in today's floor market. With many many advantages over traditional hardwood flooring it has certainly been a kind of shooting star amongst the different new floor types used.

Cordless Drills

alt text An Overview on Powerful Cordless Drills for the Woodworker. Here our quick guide on cordless drills and tools. As there is a wide range of different drills available on the market, I would like to give you an overview on my favorite cordless drills and what you should look for when you compare them. Particularly if you compare cheap low price drills with professional units

Router Tables

alt text

Things To Consider When Building An Excellent Router Table. Guide to built one of the best router tables. Important things to consider when buying or building your own woodworking router table.

A Cnc Router A Good Choice For Your Shop

alt text

Owning a CNC router would have been unthinkable for a small woodworking shop just a few years ago. The high cost of these remarkable machines meant that CNC routers were out of reach for all but the largest operations, but …

Chainsaw Sharpening – What Works Best For You

alt text Let's look into the different forms of chainsaw sharpening. From the manual way to the automatic chain saw sharpening.

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