Work Easier With A Floor Nailer

A Floor Nailer Drives More Nails

A floor nailer lets you get the job done much quicker and with much less stress on your arm. It may take a little time to get used to the force with which the nails come out, but once you get the knack of using flooring nailers, you’ll want to nail down everything in sight. A floor nailer is a perfect tool if you have to install a hardwood floor.

Benefits Of The Porter Cable Floor Nailer

The Porter Cable floor nailer uses both angle and face nails. It doesn’t use oil and is mallet activated for greater force. In addition this Porter Cable nailer holds up to 200 two inch angle and face nails. It also has front resting pads that rest on the sub floor and make positioning the nail in just the right spot very easy to do.

floor-nailer-in-actionThe Porter Cable nailer is tall so you don’t have to hurt your back bending over and comes with a hammer and a case. Porter cable nailers have a change option from floor to face nailing that is quick and easy to use. You don’t have to press hard for the mailer to work and even amateurs can do excellent work while using them.

Other Porter Cable nailers that have been well received by customers are the cleat nailers. This particular Porter Cable floor nailer is designed specifically for installing tongue and groove hardwood flooring.

It uses L-shaped flooring cleats and works on 70 – 100 psi of compressed air. It drives the cleats through even the toughest hardwood with ease and accuracy and doesn’t damage pre-finished hardwood. A rear loading magazine clip for the cleats makes it easy to load. floor-nailer-porter-cable-fcn200

The Porter Cable nailer is a top quality heavy duty tool that is indispensable if you have any amount of hardwood flooring to install.

Porter Cable floor nailers are a step above the competition with the superior balance and overall appearance. There is no danger of tipping the machine over and damaging the hardwood floor. For your next project, you should invest in a floor nailer from Porter Cable.

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