Sanding Wood Floors With Floor Sanders

Many people use floor sanders when installing new hardwood flooring. They can also be very useful for refinishing wood floors in any home. While floor sanders can be tricky to operate, when used correctly they provide an even finish when sanding wood floors, and can turn sanding hardwood floors from a painstaking process to a task that can be completed in just a few hours. Some people believe that only professional floor installers can use these sanders. In fact, many do it yourselfers rent or buy them to help finish their flooring projects.

Different types of sanders

floor-drum-sander-bThere are several sizes and types of floor sanders. Large floor machines are available in either drum or belt configuration. A drum sander will require the user to hold up the machine for the sandpaper to make contact with the floor; thus while drum sanders do a great job, they will require some practice to perfect a technique. Belt sanders typically have some sort of control which lowers the sandpaper to the floor, ensuring that the sandpaper stays in the same position as you work. The large machines are great for the middle of your rooms, but they will not be able to reach the outer edges and are unwieldy for use on stairs. A smaller so called edge sander is the answer for these hard to reach places.

Tips for using

floor-sander-corner-sandingBefore using either type of sander, you must ensure that all of your nails are sunk at least deep enough into your flooring. Then start from 40 grit sandpaper up to 120 or higher, in steps. If you are sanding wood floors the machines can provide relief for your aching knees. Rustic floors can often become marked, and sanding wood floors can refinish these wonderful looking floors. Be sure to move you sander even as you sand to ensure you do not dig too far into the boards.

Sanding hardwood floors

Hardwood floors sanding after installation is essential to ensure that the boards have an even finish, and a drum sander can make this process much easier. When sanding hardwood, always be sure to sand with the grain of the wood to prevent unsightly scratches.

All in all, floor sanders are a great way to make your wood flooring project go more easily. They are available from many tool rental shops. This availability has meant a major increase in the number of do it yourselfers using floor sanders.

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