Planning And Design Of Your Garage Storage Cabinets

Making garage storage cabinets is an rather easy task for every woodworker. But before you start you should have some thoughts on the way you want to organize your workshop around your garage storage cabinets. This article wants to give you some ideas on what to plan before you start building any kind of storage cabinet.

What Goes Into Which Cabinet

A good garage storage cabinets plan starts with a list of what kind of tool should go into which section of the cabinets. Generally speaking you have a variety of different goods in your garage you may want to store:

  • Hand Tools – storage very close to workbench
  • Power Tools – dust free storage with very easy access on most frequently used tools
  • Mid-size machinery – like portable mitre saw
  • Accessories – from saw blades to drill bits, stored close to the individual power tool and machinery
  • Basic Hardware – everything from screws to glue up to wooden dowels. Important to keep it dust free and perfectly organized within reach of your workbench.
  • Specialty Hardware – from hinges, knobs, drawer slides etc. can be stored away from your workbench, because you might not need it very often.

Your plan for your garage storage cabinets should include in detail where you want to put each of your tools and product. Consider some cabinet with even greater depth to store these mid-size machinery safely (mitre saws e.g.).

Doors And Drawers On Garage Storage Cabinets

Another part of your cabinets to decide are doors and drawers. Depending on the space available you can go for normal doors or use sliding doors on your storage cabinets. If you have the space go for normal doors, because with sliding doors you will be able to open only 50% of the width of your garage storage cabinets.

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