Garage Workbench Review

Where You Might Get A Good Industrial Workbench For Your Garage

A garage workbench article on a specialized woodworking site is obviously focusing on the practical hands on needs of the homeowner. With a garage workbench, most of us mean a metal workbench for general use in your basement or garage. Therefore, these workbenches are usually made of steel with a hardwood or laminated hdo or mdo plywood benchtop. Depending on the supplier, a garage workbench can also hold drawers or cabinets underneath or additional shelves mounted to the back.

Light Garage Workbench

For the standard DIY user, a what we call light garage workbench will more than do its job. A good example is stacks and stacks garage workbench for under $ 100. This is a rigid bench.

garage-workbench-stacks101765Organize your garage once and for all with this sturdy workbench. With dimensions of 18"D x 42"W x 60"H it should fit nicely into any basement working space and give you the storage space for all your tools and accessories. This Garage workbench has a peg board on the back and a pullout tray. With two shelves underneath and a small tray above the work area, this galvanized steel workbench provides lots of storage space.

Heavy Duty Industrial Garage Workbenches

industrial garage workbench northerntoolsThe need for real heavy duty industrial garage workbench quality should have you looking into more expensivebut also more durable types of benches. Like the Northern Industrial Tools 3-Drawer garage workbench made of a heavy duty steel frame and work surface. With its overall dimensions of 58 1/2in.x 60in.x 27 1/2in.(HxWxD) it provides you with enough storage space for your garage.

Whatever kind of garage workbenches you decide on for your workshop, make sure that it is durable and heavy enough to last a long work life. Also, test if it can easily be equipped with vises like a wilton vise and offers you enough space for your hand tools to be stored in any drawers. Finally, please remember that a solid garage workbench is an investment and the foundation of any good workshop.

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