Get Moisture In The Room

Lack of humidity in a room can be a big problem in any home improvement project. Let's tackle this issue with a very simple solution.

Our living room is about 12 x 24 ft. The ceiling and walls are finished with 1/2" thick insulation board. Heat is steam. The room is very dry and I would like to know how to put moisture in this room.

Your problem differs from the majority. Most letters tell of dripping windows and soggy insulation. Your problem can be solved by hanging water containers on the back of your steam radiators. They can be made similar to the sketch or purchased in most hardware stores. If this method does not provide sufficient moisture, humidifying valves may be purchased and substituted for the regular air-vent valves on the radiators.

These release a small amount of steam to increase the water-vapor content of the air. Large electric vaporizers are for sale at most department stores. Small vaporizers are available at drug stores.