Why choose Grizzly tools

Set up your workshop with Grizzly tools

Grizzly tools are a great way to get started if you are just setting up your workshop. You can all different types of Grizzly tools for your various projects. Grizzly tools are sturdy and dependable, in addition to being affordable.

Especially Grizzly power tools, have a reputation for providing great performance. Grizzly power tools are easy to handle and can be corded or cordless depending on your individual preference or whether the job is in an areas where there is no electrical supply.

The Grizzly Tools Jointer

One of the most impressive feature of a Grizzly jointer is the adjustable nature of all the parts. The Grizzly jointer is the perfect tool to provide you with perfect edges and corners.

Benefits Of The Grizzly Table Saw

Reviews of the Grizzly table saw show that this tool delivers the best performance. You can use the table saw without having to slow it down. The fit and finish of the saw is excellent as is the customer service that Grizzly provides. The flat cast iron table top and extension wings are accurate and the table saw is easy to align.

Grizzly power tools are the best tools you can buy for your woodworking projects, whether they are large or small. You can get the same selection of Grizzly power tools as is available from any other brand name. These tools are sturdy and durable and designed to be used indoors and out, wherever you need them.

When you are deciding on your choice of tools, the line up available from grizzly tools will satisfy all your tool needs.

Grizzly Tools Contact Information:

Grizzly Industrial Inc.
Bellingham, Washington
1821 Valencia St.
Bellingham, WA 98229

Phone: 1.800.523.4777
Foreign Phone: 360.647.0801

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