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In this woodworking hand tools section all articles about new or interesting products which are not motor driven can be found. As it is not always that easy to decide whether an hand tools article should go here or in the woodworking section, please be advised to have a look there as well.

Generally we try to include as many articles about hand tools as possible in the future, because manual tools are as indispensable as ever even with new electric products coming up every day.

Articles And Product News on Hand Tools

Woodworking Tools Basics

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Your Favourite Woodworking Tools, Here Are Mine

Everybody starting should have a close look on certain woodworking tools. In the following article I would like to explain some basic tools in more detail. For obvious reasons this is just an …

Chainsaw Sharpening – What Works Best For You

alt text Let's look into the different forms of chainsaw sharpening. From the manual way to the automatic chain saw sharpening.

Get Your Free Wood Carving Patterns Online

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Free wood carving patterns are in high demand with the increase in the number of people getting involved in wood carving. Some people have a talent and do not need a plan, but for those just starting out, free wood …

How Rough Cut Lumber Can Be Used

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Using Rough Cut Lumber Can Save You Money

Woodworkers love rough cut lumber for a number of reasons. It is usually sold at a fraction of the cost of finished lumber, and it is available much thicker than finished cuts. …

The Tormek Waterstone Sharpening System

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The Tormek water stone grinding system is certainly one of the most advanced grinding and honing systems on the market. With a grinding stone cooled with water and running at a very low speed, it prevents overheating of your chisels, …

Get The Right Chain Saw Sharpener

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What Kind Of Chainsaw Sharpeners Work Best ?

The easiest form of a chain saw sharpener is the hand file. A little round file with a diameter according to the size of the chain saw. This simple way of sharpening …

Oil Finish

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Applying oil finish the traditional way can be a tricky task. Using finishing oil together with a brush and clean cloth will give your furniture an oily glossy shine if you know the correct finishing steps.

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