Hardwood Flooring Installation Know-How

Hardwood floor installation is a process where you spend your time kneeling on the floor. Hardwood floor installation also requires measuring, cutting, fitting and nailing. When working at hardwood floor such as oak or beech wood, you become knowledgeable about the best types of wood to use for flooring.

There is a skill involved in any floor installation in that you have to measure the room perfectly in order to ensure that you do have enough hardwood. You also need to be prepared to cut the planks to fit them against the walls and around corners and doorways. Those who do a lot of floor installations will tell you that it is much easier to install hardwood floors in new homes that have just been built than it is to do the work as a remodeling project. This is because in a new home baseboards and door casings have not been put on yet, so they do not have to be trimmed or removed.

hardwood-flooring-installation-aRefinishing - Sanding You Hardwood Floor
When hardwood floor has been installed it needs to be sanded. This requires typically a commercial sander that you can rent at many locations. When sanding, the entire floor must be fully installed in order to get the job done in one go. Nothing worth than renting a tool a second time just to get the work finished.
When you are sanding hardwood floor as a refinishing project, you have to be careful not to keep sanding in the same spot for too long. This can result in grooves in the floor that you hadn’t intended to have. The sanding removes the yellowing that has taken place in the wood over many years of use. When sanding hardwood floor, refinishing techniques require that you make sure you remove all the coating on the hardwood. When you have finished, you apply a new coat or urethane to restore a brighter shine to the floor.

The sander you need to refinish hardwood floors is quite heavy and cumbersome. When you apply the coat of urethane, you should do so just before everyone is leaving the house because the fumes can be harmful, especially to young children. Some people do not do a good job of installing and finishing hardwood floors because they are in too much of a hurry to see what the results will be. Patience is the main key with hardwood floor installation.

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