Drywall Tools and Techniques

There are many drywall tools available to make your project go more quickly. While most do it yourselfers used paneling or other wall products to finish their walls just a few years ago, many are now discovering that drywall is an easy and affordable way to have great looking walls in finished basements or new additions. Using the right drywall tools can help make these projects look as professional as possible.

Finding the right tools at the right prices should be fairly easy, because drywall tools are available from many different retailers. Hardware stores carry a wide variety of drywall equipment. You can also get excellent drywall tools online from many tool sale Web sites. Lets have a closer look on various important tools for drywalling:

Finishing tools
drywall-boards-The most important part of any drywall project is finishing your walls. Drywall finishing tools such as a good taping knife or sander can make the difference between a great looking wall and one that looks like you did it yourself. Here are some of the most important drywall finishing tools:

  • Taping knife: a wide taping knife is essential to make sure you fill up the tape joints in your new drywall wall. Taping knives are typically available in six or eight inch widths.
  • Banjo taper: combines tape and mud application to ensure consistent application.
  • Drywall screwgun: you can start finishing your drywall as you put it up by ensuring your screws are deep enough to prevent unsightly bulges.
  • Drywall sander: see below

Drywall sander
Sanding drywall mud is a nasty job. Even professional drywall installation experts hate sanding drywall. Using a manual sanding block can be an exhausting exercise in frustration, leaving your arms feeling like jelly and your face and hair white as snow. Fortunately you can use a power drywall sander that works quickly and also helps to reduce drywall dust. A powerful drywall sander can work three to four times faster than manual sanding, helping you to get you project done quickly. The speed and precision of a power drywall sander is why many professionals consider a drywall sander the most important of all drywall tools.

drywall-knives-and-taping-toolsTaping Tools
Additionally to speed up the working process good specialist tools are essential. One such special accessory is the drywall taping tool. With taping being one of the key tasks in drywalling, using an excellent tool will improve the quality of your drywalling tremendously.

Stilts and Lifts
Another special tool used in drywalling are lifts. Considering the long hours of overhead work installing ceilings a good stilt or lift is key to perfect installation. In this article on drywall stilts we take a closer look on how these lifts can make work easier for you.

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