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hardwood-oak-flooringWithin this special flooring edition of inside-woodworking, we feature articles about various flooring techniques. Since putting in a new floor is one of the most common tasks in a woodworkers work life. With the increasing number of new floor types and materials on the market, the customer demands a very high knowledge from you to provide a perfect service right from the beginning. Together with a range of new flooring tools a woodworkers job is more than ever in providing a service to the customer. Starting from choosing the right type of flooring up to the final installation process.


Traditional Ways Of Wooden Flooring

One of the most traditional types of material used is hardwood flooring. Ranging from solid oak to beech hardwood it has been used for centuries. A standard hardwood floor is made of solid boards jointed with tung and groove along the long sides. In our detailed hardwood flooring article we cover more on choosing the right type of wood, to various new types of hardwood flooring up to the pros and cons.

New Ways Of Flooring With New Materials

Bamboo is still an exotic material for most of us. Why it could really be an alternative and what types of bamboo are available for floors is covered in our special bamboo flooring article. It also covers advantages of bamboo as a very fast growing resource and the best ways of installing it. Additionally we cover other flooring materials such as marble and tiles as well as kitchen flooring separately.

Bamboo Flooring More Than An Alternative

alt text Bamboo Flooring is certainly one of the upcoming materials in today's floor market. With many many advantages over traditional hardwood flooring it has certainly been a kind of shooting star amongst the different new floor types used.

Finding Discount Laminate Flooring

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Tips On How To Find Laminate Flooring At Discount Prices

discount-laminate-flooring-aSimilar to when you look for wood flooring it is rather easy to get discount laminate flooring. With many dealer sitting on rests and small quantities of laminate flooring, it …

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Marble Flooring For Your Home

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Marble flooring was once thought to be only something you would see in fancy buildings. However, more and more marble is being used in residential applications.

Even do it yourselfers are learning quick and easy ways of installing marble flooring …

What is the Best Type of Kitchen Flooring?

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For kitchen flooring, there are many choices for homeowners. They can choose to have vinyl or ceramic tiles or linoleum. Many people use commercial grade carpet as kitchen flooring.  So lets have a look into finding the right type of …

Sanding Wood Floors With Floor Sanders

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Many people use floor sanders when installing new hardwood flooring. They can also be very useful for refinishing wood floors in any home. While floor sanders can be tricky to operate, when used correctly they provide an even finish when …

How To Install Cork Flooring

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Cork flooring has been around for many years, but it is only recently that do it yourselfers have begun to rediscover the many benefits of this unique type of floor. Being a fully natural material like bamboo flooring, Cork has …

Hardwood Flooring Installation Know-How

Hardwood floor installation is a process where you spend your time kneeling on the floor. Hardwood floor installation also requires measuring, cutting, fitting and nailing. When working at hardwood floor such as oak or beech wood, you become knowledgeable about …

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