Kitchen Counter Top out of Left-over Flooring Strips

A little project of reusing old hardwood flooring pieces for a new kitchen top or butcher cutting board.

If you as a craftsman are interested in making a counter top for a kitchen cabinet that will be as solid as …

Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

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Changing The Look of A Kitchen By Choosing The Right Type Of Exhaust Hoods

kitchen exhaust hoodsDesigning today's kitchens, every cabinetmaker should try to incorporate kitchen exhaust hoods into its entire design. Not just from a functional point of view, but also …

What is the Best Type of Kitchen Flooring?

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For kitchen flooring, there are many choices for homeowners. They can choose to have vinyl or ceramic tiles or linoleum. Many people use commercial grade carpet as kitchen flooring.  So lets have a look into finding the right type of …

Slate Flooring For Your Kitchen Floor

Installing Slate Flooring

Slate flooring is one of the most expensive materials used for flooring. Slate is virtually indestructible, so the extra cost is worth the durability you get in return. It is also stain resistant once it has been …

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