How Do I Choose The Right Mini Cordless Circular Saw ?

In today’s circular saws marketplace there are many different types of saws. There are corded and cordless circular saws. From time to time, we get questions about the smaller types of circular saws often referred to as the mini cordless saws.

"I have borrowed from time to time a mini cordless circular saw from my friends and find them adequate but I am concerned about needed power. How can I find a mini saw that will meet my needs for a burst of power?”
William Dartmouth Kansas city USA

William, the kind of mini tool you might be looking for would be one with a maximum cutting depth of up to 1-5/8." These are known as cordless trim saws and are often used for handy quick cuts in wood and cutting other materials such as plastics.

We have written a detailed analysis on mini cordless circular saws, you can find it here. I hope you find this article will give you a better understanding of what to look for on mini circular saws.

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