Techniques On How To Sharpen Drill Bits

Learning how to sharpen drill bits is extremely cost-effective. Many people take their drill bits to a professional, but this could cost you hundreds of dollars each year if you have a wide collection of drill bits. Learning how to sharpen drill bits is also a lot easier than you may think. There are several different techniques. Some use tools actually designed just for the purpose of sharpening drill bits. Others make use of your existing bench grinder if you have one. Learning how to sharpen drill bits is also excellent since how many times have you wanted to use a particular drill bit only to find it dull? Why run out and buy another or wait until you can get it sharpened, just do it yourself!

Sharpening Drill Bits: Tools And Techniques

tormek-waterstone-grinderSharpening drill bits can be very easy or very difficult. One technique is to use hand sharpening drill bits methods. For example, some people can sharpen drill bits by hand using a bench grinder. This is not recommend since it requires you to get your hand very close to the bench grinder which is extremely dangerous. There are some tools which act like a vice in which you would place the drill bit and this allows you to get the drill bit close enough to the bench grinder to sharpen it. This is much safer than hand held sharpening. It is also recommended that you sharpen your drill bits frequently to keep them sharp rather than waiting until they are dull.

A much easier way is learning how to sharpen drill bits properly and do this on a regular basis using a drill bit sharpening tool. There are several different types of tools, they are all very easy to use and some are even as simple as a slot that you drop the drill bit into and it sharpens it with the flick of a switch. While these drill bit sharpening tools may be slightly more expensive then using your existing bench grinder, but it is safer and easier.

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