Husqvarna Chain Saw – Tops In The World!

The world’s leader Husqvarna chain saw has been voted number one in an online survey of forestry and parks professionals, as well as the most demanding consumers, to be the best chain saw your money can buy. Every Husqvarna chain saw is backed by their commitment to the highest performance in a user-friendly power tool, and each model is numbered easily for quick recognition, for example Chain saw husqvarna 480.

For general home-related jobs, ‘consumer saws’ are ideal and economical if you require the usage of a chain saw only occasionally. Their category of ‘standard saw’ models all feature a wide power band which translates into more versatility for farm work or small woodlots. For a truly ‘professional saw’, the only choice are husqvarna chain saws. All of their professional saws are designed for daily operation and sturdily built to take on constant usage, and this category offers a wide range of saws strictly for skilled workers and professionals, from smaller saws for limbing to monster saws with six foot long bars!

husqvarna-chain-sawSo it’s fairly clear that there’s a husqvarna chain saw for your work or personal use including the Chain saw husqvarna 480. The following product descriptions review just two of the most popular models worldwide. One of them could be ideal for you!

The Husqvarna 345 chain saws

These deceptively slender models offer one of the best power/weight ratios in a versatile saw with some of the lowest vibration levels of any product on the market. Husqvarna’s ‘Smart Start’ technology means your chain saw will power on with incredible ease, and handling is a snap with the adjustable side-mounted chain tension feature on the Husqvarna 345 chain saws.

The Husqvarna 350 chain saws

This powerful saw offers many of the features and versatility that are hallmarks of the professional saws, including its high power in comparison to its lightweight design, with an elevated center of gravity, smooth body and the bonus of extremely low vibration levels. Easy starts are a guarantee with ‘Smart Start’ and Husqvarna 350 chain saws are also equipped with an adjustable flow chain oiler. Check out one of the world’s best chain saws online, or with a recognized dealer. Whatever you do, seriously consider a Husqvarna chain saw!

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