Woodworking Ideas

Within this section we cover all parts of woodworking ideas, from projects to woodworking techniques and the important “How to…?” questions. Below all contributions for our editors and readers on various ideas for your daily woodworking life.

Contributions on Woodworking Ideas and Techniques:

Kitchen Counter Top out of Left-over Flooring Strips

A little project of reusing old hardwood flooring pieces for a new kitchen top or butcher cutting board.

If you as a craftsman are interested in making a counter top for a kitchen cabinet that will be as solid as …

Qualities of OSD and CDX Plywood

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Understanding Different Plywood Board Types

OSD and CDX plywood are both commonly found on construction sites, because builders and contractors rely on both types of plywood to get the job done. Each of these materials has its own unique properties …

Woodworking Tools Basics

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Your Favourite Woodworking Tools, Here Are Mine

Everybody starting should have a close look on certain woodworking tools. In the following article I would like to explain some basic tools in more detail. For obvious reasons this is just an …

Woodworking Table Saws

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Overview On Table Saws For Woodworkers

From sliding table saws to fixed table circular saws. A round up.

To decide which of the different table saws on the market is the right one for you depends on some basic questions. …

Oil Finish

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Applying oil finish the traditional way can be a tricky task. Using finishing oil together with a brush and clean cloth will give your furniture an oily glossy shine if you know the correct finishing steps.

Box Joint Jig

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A box joint jig is a vital part of equipment in any workshop. Woodworking box joints are box joints that are square interlocking fingers that join two pieces at a right angle. A jig does not only saves time and …

Woodworking Shows Great Place for New Inspiration

Woodworking shows are a popular type of program on television for professional word workers and beginners alike. Many people enjoy watching woodworking shows to get ideas of what they can do for their own home, or to see just how …

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