Finding Industrial Air Compressors For Your Company’s Needs

Industrial units can be found in almost every factory or manufacturing plant. These powerful compressors provide enough power to operate tens or even hundreds of air tools at the same time, and are vital to keeping the production line moving. For these reasons an industrial compressor is one of the most reliable pieces of machinery ever constructed.

There are many different sizes of compressors available, and these can fill almost anyone's need for compressed air. If you have a medium to large sized business that relies on compressed air, there are many commercial air compressors available to choose from. Your decision will be based on your budget, as well as on the applications you will be engaged in.

Low noise motors

industrial-compressor-with-motorIf you have a smaller business with limited shop space, you will probably want to limit noise pollution as much as possible. Low noise air compressors can lower the ambient noise level in a shop down 25 decibels or more. Lowering ambient noise levels is one of the best things you can do to improve occupational health and safety in your work place. With low noise air compressors, your employees will be at reduced risk of hearing loss, and will also be able to communicate better, which can both increase productivity and reduce accidents.

Used industrial units

Some of the best options for start up businesses or those looking to expand are used industrial models. While you may not have the budget for a new compressor air system, you might be able to obtain any of a number of used compressors from sales reps in your area. Used compressors come onto the market because large companies do not like to gamble.

Although the unit may be just five years old, the odds of it failing may become unacceptable for a company or industry where even one lost man hour can cause massive financial losses. These used industrial compressors are frequently returned to the manufacturer, and are often rebuilt or at the least inspected before resale. Because they often come with a limited warranty and service backing, these used models are often your best bet if you need to move into the world of heavy duty compressor models.

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