Jet Lathe A Great Woodworking Tool

A jet lathe is a welcome addition to any woodworking shop. This tool is invaluable for turning blocks of wood into circular shapes or radially symmetric patterns. The jet lathe is used for making wooden spindles, table legs, ornate pieces for furniture and numerous other items.

The jet woodturning lathe comes in several models. These include large capacity floor models, a bench top model and a miniature pen model. Smaller models are designed to turn delicate work not practical in the larger models.

wood-turning-lathe-aThe Jet Woodturning Lathe 1442 A Large Capacity Lathe

Among woodworking tools jet 1442 lathe is a large capacity wood lathe. It will handle blocks of wood 14 inched in wide and 42 inches long. It has eight speeds, ranging from 450 rpm to 3,000 rpm for precision turning of any wood. The movable headstock allows the lathe to be used as a spindle lathe as well as a short bed bowl lathe.

Jet wood working machinery includes lathes, planers, planer moulders, sanders, jointer and table saws. There are machines and tools made for virtually every woodworking need and application.  The jet lathe, in its several models, is just one of the high quality machines and tools carrying the Jet power tools brand name. These tools make woodworking more enjoyable with a much more professional looking result.

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