Jigsaw Review Festool PS 300 EQ Trion

The Festool  PS 300 EQ is one of the most professional advanced jigsaws available today. Festool, a German power tool manufacturer, is widely known for high-end power tools. Festool tools are used mainly by professional woodworkers. The PS 300 EQ jigsaw is designed in both top handle and barrel grip models. In our jigsaw reviews series we tested the barrel grip version.

The PS 300 EQ was manufactured with a 6 amps (120v) powerful motor. There will be little difficulty cutting into 4-3/4" wood (according to Festool). In our tests we ran it using Festool's own jigsaw blades, S105/4 FSG, cutting through 3-1/2" of softwood (pine).

Powerful and Very Precise Deep Cuts

The jigsaw blade on this model remains perfectly straight because the carbide blade guide system acts like a "hook" from behind . This guide system prevents blade wander, which is usually a big problem when cutting very deep. This jigsaw blade guide, together with an electronic control that maintains a constant speed enables the Festool trion to cope with even the steepest cuts into hardwood.

The variable speed adjustment maintains the stroke rate between 1000 and 2900 strokes per minute. This allows great precision and efficient cutting of plastics, steel and other metals easily.  The 4-step orbital setting guarantees fast cuts if needed.

Fast Blade Change

The trion jigsaw comes with a quick blade change mechanism, called Fastfix. Your jigsaw blade is quickly changed with the flip of lever, allowing you to insert and fix a new blade without the need of any other tool.

Handling of the Festool PS 300 EQ Trion jigsaw

We reviewed the barrel grip version. I personally favor barrel grip jigsaws over top handle saws since they give me greater maneuverability and control. This may be because the palm of your hand is located closer to the workpiece. The Festool ps300 with its very slim-line motor body is exceptionally easy to guide. Besides all that I appreciate the sliding protective insert for  the cast foot, which makes the saw responsive and precise to handle.

The foot of the PS 300 EQ is by itself a real masterpiece. It combines the protective plastic subbase, with the addition of air-flow channels leading to the built in dust extraction hose connector. Additionally, it allows for an anti-splinter insert to be snitched near the blade that prevents 'tear out' when cutting. Very clever and solid design all around the base.

Festool PS 300 EQ Trion Jigsaw Review Barrel Grip Version
Motor Power 6 Amp - 120 V
Depth of Cut (in Wood) up to 4-3/4" ,
(we tested up to 3-1/2"" )
Blade Guide Rear U-Shape Carbide Jigsaw Blade Guide
Jigsaw Blade Change Quick Blade Change - Keyless
Orbital Action 4 - Step Setting
Jigsaw Foot Cast foot with plastic surface protection
Bevel Adjustment Keyed - Allen Key
Anti Splintering Plastic Insert
Dust Extraction Hose Integrated Fully Integrated
Variable Speed Electronics 1000 - 2900 Strokes Per Minute
Constant Speed Electronics Yes
Softgrip Handle
Extra Light on Cutting Line No
Laser Line on Cutting Line No
Metal Gear Case Yes - Covered by plastic for heat protection
Motor Housing Single Part Housing
Accepts T-Shank Jigsaw Blades Yes
Circular Cutting Guide Accessory Available as accessory
Parallel Cutting Guide (Rip Fence) Available as accessory
Carrying Case Yes - Festool Systainer System
Review Rating for Festool PS300 EQ Trion Jigsaw:

My rating for the Festool PS 300 EQ Trion Jigsaw: 5 of 5

This is a powerful jigsaw with an excellent blade guide system that guarantees precise straight cuts and no blade wander. It's integrated dust extraction hose makes this Festool trion ps300eq jigsaw extremely easy to connect with any vacuum. This a real advantage when cutting on a cabinet installation work-site for example.   If there is anything at all that could prevent the Festool ps300eq jigsaw attaining a true market leader position within the jigsaw segment, is its very hefty street price of around $310 !

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