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A detailed jigsaw review and comparison guide to have better understanding of one of the most versatile used power tools in any workshop. Whenever you look at jigsaw reviews, opinions and customer reviews of certain jig saw models, it comes down to analyze various features of the saw and rate there value for the professional user. This is what we attempt by comparing and rating jigsaw features to answer the ultimate question for yourself: What is the best jigsaw to cut wood or any other material ?

How to find the best jigsaw?

It's no secret that power tool companies such as Bosch, Festool and Dewalt have improved the jig saw from simple curve cutting units to very sophisticated precision cutting tools. Its ability to cut a large variety of materials makes the jigsaw next to the circular saw one of the most used portable saws for the woodworker.

A four part woodworking tool reviews series Jigsaw Review - Table of Content How to best rate and compare a jigsaw before you buy ?
Part 1 - Jigsaw Reviews Basics>>
Introduction And Basic Components Of A Jigsaw:
Jig Saw Handle Type,Motor Power,Jigsaw Depth Of Cut And Blade Stroke,Blade Guide
Part 2 - Bosch Jigsaw Review>>
Reviews Of Key Bosch Jigsaw Components:
Jig Saw Blade Change,Orbital Action,Jigsaw Foot - A Key Component,Bevel Adjustment,Dust Extraction Channel
Part 3 - What Is The Best Jig Saw?>>
Further Reviewing Key Components:
Two Kinds Of Electronics,Ergonomics And Visibility Improvement On The Best Jigsaws,Jigsaw Durability,Metal Gear Case,Single Part Housing Vs. Two Part Jigsaw Housing
Part 4 - What Jigsaw Should I Buy ?>>
Final Jigsaw Ratings And Summary:
Jigsaw Blades - T-Shank Or U-Shank,Useful Jigsaw Accessories And Parts,What Jigsaw Is Right For Me?, Jigsaw Comparison Chart

The following jigsaw or woodworking tool review should give you a good overview of what to look for when you buy your next jigsaw. This little buying guide is to help you find the best jigsaw for your needs, we highlight and compare key features any professional jigsaw should have and even rate some for there practical usability.
As you read with the first part of our woodworking tool reviews series, you’ll discover the many characteristics of a modern jig saw and its ability to handle all the needed tasks required by the professional woodworker.

After this overview into our jigsaw product reviews series, lets get started by looking in more detail on what makes a professional jigsaw from woodworker, contractor and carpenter reviewers point of view.
Jigsaw Review Read on with part 1 of...

Jigsaw Reviews Basics >>

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