What is the Best Type of Kitchen Flooring?

For kitchen flooring, there are many choices for homeowners. They can choose to have vinyl or ceramic tiles or linoleum. Many people use commercial grade carpet as kitchen flooring.  So lets have a look into finding the right type of kitchen flooring for your needs. An overview with pros and cons on various materials available.

What Is The Best Kitchen Flooring To Use?

  • Kitchen Tiles or Ceramic Floors

Ceramic tiles have been found to be one of the most durable kind of kitchen flooring. Available in a wide choice of colors and patterns to suit any decor and design ideas. They are inexpensive, so they are within the budget of most people who are remodeling or building a new home. kitchen-tile-flooringInstalling kitchen flooring using ceramic tiles requires certain tools that you may have to rent from the dealer.

  • Laminate as Alternative Kitchen Floor

Laminate wood works well as kitchen flooring because it is designed for areas where there is a lot of moisture. Installing kitchen flooring using laminate wood is an easy process that does not require any elaborate kitchen flooring tools, except perhaps knee pads.

  • Vinyl the Traditional Material Used

If you are looking for a nice effect for your kitchen floor and do not have a lot of money to spend, you can try vinyl tiles, that stick to the floor. They are inexpensive and good for someone who needs to replace their kitchen flooring, but can’t really afford the costlier laminate or ceramic kitchen flooring. These are easy to install and easy to remove when you decide to upgrade.

  • Carpet or even Better Linoleum

Carpet works well as kitchen flooring too. You can easily wash up spills, but they do tend to stain after a while. You can also have linoleum flooring that is easy to clean and does not require waxing to retain the shine.

  • hardwood-floor-in-a-kitchenHardwood - the Best Long Lasting Kitchen Floors

Hardwood ( especially oak wood) is another option for kitchen flooring. Different varieties of wood are available and they last a lifetime. You may have to sand them and use a coat of urethane finish after several years to retain the shine, but they are most durable form of kitchen flooring. Individual tastes and the costs involved are the main factors that influence the choice of kitchen flooring.

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