Manual Vs. Electric Knife Sharpeners

Asking 100 people which knife sharpener works best for you is like asking them what is your favorite color. With so many different types of knife sharpeners out on the market, it is really difficult to pick the best. In addition to the thousands of hand knife sharpeners, you will come across a variety of electric knife sharpeners. This makes selecting the best ones really difficult. In this article, we try to provide an overview on the different kinds of hand and electric knife sharpeners on the market. Obviously, products can change and vary over time, but you can get a pretty good view on what is available.

Manual Sharpener

knife-sharpening-aWell known from many butcher shops and kitchens is the steel manual sharpener. This steel sharpener is just ideal for passing the knife a few times over and honing it again. Apart from being a very clean method of honing a knife, it is ideal for every kitchen.

Other more sophisticated manual sharpeners work by drawing the knife between two little hardened wheels. A good example is Rocklers 2 wheel knife sharpener. This very handy tool is just ideal for refreshing the cutting edge of your blade.

Electric Knife Sharpening Machines

chefs-choice-electric-knife-sharpener-120For even faster results you might consider one of the different electric knife sharpeners. Among many different brands available, ChefsChoice ® offers a wide range of various electric sharpening and honing machines. Their 120 Chef'sChoice® EdgeSelect® Diamond Hone® #120 professional electric unit is really the best choice if you are looking for an excellent machine. Coming with conical 100% diamond coated disks for the first stages, it has got a special polishing disk at the last step of the knife sharpening process. Really a excellent tool.

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