Different Ways Of Knife Sharpening

How To Sharpen A Knife

Knife sharpening can certainly be a pain in the back, particularly when you stand in the kitchen just in front of a nice piece of meat and the knife you want to cut it with does not cut anything. These are the moments where your wife usually reminds you with a nice smile that you should really sharpen this knife the next time you are at the workshop. Thank you darling. So, no excuses anymore. let's have a look at various manual and electric knife sharpening tools and the different ways this task can be done.

Efficient And Low Cost Ways

diamond-honing-stone-for-knife-sharpeningThe most common way first. Start your bench grinder and pass the knife at both sides with the rough stone. Afterwards, using the finer grinding wheel on your bench grinder, you pass it over again getting a finer finish on the blade of the knife. The bench grinder equalizes the edge of the blade. The final finish cut of the knife is done with a good horning stone. Usually arkansas or diamond horning stones give the best finish. Do not rush here and take your time because horning is what makes the difference between somebody who knows how to sharpen a knife and somebody who does not.

Advanced Knife Sharpeners

tormek-waterstone-grinderAs with many tasks in your workshop, sharpening can also be done in a much more efficient and professional way. Due to the many sharpening services around, the machinery industry has developed special knife sharpeners and advanced bench grinders. These grinders, for example, the tormek waterstone grinder, allow sharpening the knife without overheating the steel because grinding heat is the biggest enemy as far as durability of the sharpen edge is concerned.

knife-sharpening-aComing back to your kitchen, allow me to recommend a simple hand tool for sharpening. From a very personal experience (my grandfather had a butchery shop), I know that most professional butchers use a steel hand knife sharpener.

It will not make grinding the knife from time to time obsolete but just a few passes with this handy honing tool sharpens your knife for the next filet. As it can be stored in your kitchen drawer, just aside of your kitchen workspace, it makes sharpening a quick and easy tasks.

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